Thursday, July 23, 2009


Last week, I've got a task of photographing children for a clients Kid's Fashion Show invitation cards. I suddenly became not sure of shooting them. I don't know why. So I asked for a friend's help. Lucky for me, he got nothing to do on that day, except for a badminton training in the evening. He agreed to help me out. I promised him that we will be back on time before his training starts. That didn't happen. I sent him home one hour late. :P .. We got lost on the way to the clients house. And stopped by to shoot a group of monkeys behind a golf club! Although we were late, but the monkey was smiling and posing, waiting for us to shoot em. It was irresistible.
Here's the outcome of my kids photo-shoots. Aripudin became the O.P for the kids photo shoot job instead of me. I just filled my SD card with the monkey's pics. :P

And this week I got another task of photographing children. Same event, but different approach. Will Aripudin be there for me once again? hurmmmm.....

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