Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Working in advertising field gave me loads of advantages. It sometimes involves photography and it gives me the opportunity to really work on it. Although so far I'm not satisfied with what I have accomplished in terms of producing the best out of it, but I'm proud when the pictures that I took, published! Through some post-editing, my not so good pics turns out well. There was this one time, we was doing a final artwork for an AGM booklet for a local bank at their head office, we were stuck with shortage of a picture to complement a page. I took out my camera, start arranging some brochures, put a stack of cash on it, using only available light from a window, I started clicking and viola'! It's done. As simple as that. That photo was approved to be used in a bank for its AGM book!  It is good to bring the camera around. You will never know when you need it. Since that AGM book, I have been given few more tasks. One of them is to take photographs of Institut Kraf Negara's student in action for their intake ad. A year before, we did some photography for them, but we hired a pro to do it. He came with a set of studio light! I was so impressed.. Now, I'm doing the same job without those expensive equipments. I was quite unsure bout it, but the job was done. The photos was published in local newspapers. Whole Malaysia can see my photos, they just don't know it was me! :P 


  1. eh eh cepat je mr cepat potrait tu komen..hahha cun la wan ni barulah cun..kau pun dah buat..haha kita sama menjayakan projek2 mengshoot orang..bravo! keep it up bro!