Friday, July 17, 2009

the journey began...

Why didn't I put it as 'The Journey Begins.."? Well.. the story is that, I wanted to start blogging as soon as  I got my first DSLR.. to write about what I see thru my eyes.. and what I captured thru the lens.. but that never happened. I couldn't find the time to it.. (well.. its not I have alot now.. but it has to start somewhere rite?) Like people always say.. " a long journey starts with a small step.." There's alot of pictures has been captured in the past eight month.. but I cant share it all here.. can i? So for starters.. let me share with y'all the first few pics on my first day with the camera.. :P

These was captured on the first day I got the DSLR, one of the wedding gift my wife got me. This was a day after our reception.. before we returned the wedding dress. My wife posed as the model.. as we wanted to do a pre-wedding photography. I had loads of theory on photography, it was the first time applying it. It was on a hot sunny day.. and it was HOT!.. I guess this is the price all those pro-photog must pay in order to get good shots. No wonder they charged so much.. :P  

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